Like many journeys there is never a single path. There are always twists and turns.

in 2016

when two friends took a life-changing trip to Vietnam. After being repeatedly left speechless they knew there had to be a simple low tech solution.

was born

The idea was simple. Icons on a shirt to help people speak to anyone everywhere. As soon as ICONSPEAK launched we went VIRAL. ICONSPEAK has spread fast, far and wide since our launch in 2016. Our customer base has grown to 70+ countries, has visitors from 200+ countries and posts from blogs around the world.


Finding a
new vision

The original founders of ICONSPEAK could have never forseen the idea to grow to what it is today. At a certain point they would have to reflect on if this is the journey they can continue on their own.

Thus, in 2021 ICONSPEAK's leadership changed to help build and grow the brand to it's full potential.

While still maintaining the same core values as its original founders - ICONSPEAK has now fundamentally changed..

We are now


At the heart of the brand there was always a love for travel, adventure, and exploration. One of the best parts of this brand was being able to hear about all the amazing stories from our customers. It was moving to hear how these simple yet innovative shirts took them to places around the world.

Most importantly, it sparked a conversation.


We want embody that feeling of adventure. Whether it be in the cities or in nature, we strive to invoke that love of travel.

We change the world if we see the world.

We believe first step to helping those see the world is by having a conversation about travel. Our brand is dedicated to creating designs that spark those discussions.